We are pretty spoiled here in the US with access to so many wonderful things! Some of these we might take for granted. Some of these things area luxury to people around the world. One of these is clean water. Did you know that 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water? Billions of people around the world suffer from poor water conditions and this reality breaks my heart. I was thrilled when I recently learned about an amazing, local company called Go.Build.Love that is taking big steps to change just that. I want to be a small part of this change and I want to invite you to come along beside me.

The video above explains how clean water in certain areas around the world isn’t as readily available as it is to us. People are having to walk miles and miles to collect dirty water to take back home to their families and they sadly aren’t surviving. This is devastating, but the great news is there is help available and this help is SO AFFORDABLE.

Believe it or not a one time donation of $50 will provide a water filter for a family of 8 to10 people for 20 years! HOW INCREDIBLE!! As little as $7.00 a month is enough to make mega change! Want to know how you can help? I am looking for 7 to 10 individuals, families, or businesses who are willing to give $7.00 a month to Go.Build.Love. This organization is actively putting water filers in the homes of families around the world. Only $7 a month will make massive impact and years of improvement!

If this is a mission you want to support and a commitment you feel you can make please consider Go.Build.Love.

If you’re interested, enter your name and email below, click the “Donate to Cause” button, and you’ll be forwarded to a page to contribute to this awesome cause! 🙂

The water filter seen in the video is the actual filter that is placed in the homes of families in need. This picture shows the before and after result. $7 takes dirty, disease infected water to clean, drinkable, purified, healthy water in an instant!